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Easy, effective, smart. One suite, for all your needs
Excellent customer care, monitoring the quality of service, optimized communication processes, high retention rate, customer fidelization, agile and smart working for your employees.This is what all the businesses are looking for, today.


We have one solution that fits all your needs.

Banking, insurance, automotive, healthcare, logistics, and many more: whether you’re a mid-size or enterprise-level business, we can make this happen.

Simply, as our solution is.

We are aware that you strive for the best, every day: you work with partners, suppliers, customers. You want to respond to each of them, in a timely fashion, and you want to make sure each of your customers can reach out to you, whenever more convenient for them, and in the most suitable way to them.

Any call, any contact, any means of communications is of absolute importance to your business.



What can we do for you?
Ensure you offer an excellent customer care

You want to greet your customers by name when they call you, and let them choose how they prefer to contact you: via softphone, via audio/video chat, but also via a web contact portal, if they prefer to. And you can make some of your employees always available, to provide support and advice, also via web.

We know that you value each of your clients, and you want your employees to provide a tailored response to the requirements of each and everyone of your partners.

How it works

Improve communication & collaboration within your company

And your employees will benefit from a smart way of working, thanks to audio/video chat, desktop sharing, softphone, presence management, contact portal - whether they are based in different offices, or they work on the move.

How it works

We help measure your performance and evaluate the quality of service

Your business is running because you know your customers, you deal with their requests efficiently and effectively, you know who they are before even responding to the telephone, while it rings:  you know what they are about to ask, even before they place their requests, and you do not lose a single call. Your data are safely stored, and all the events are always available for a thorough analysis, when you want to.  Who is your most valuable customer?  Are you dedicating enough resources, to address your daily volume of inbound calls?

How it works

Simply, with no disruption

We keep your existing infrastructure.

Whatever the telephone system you have in place, your IT infrastructure, and your ERP / CRM Applications and databases where your strategic information is stored, we easly integrate our solutions and save your investments.

What we have done for our customers
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Would you like to know more about how estos software can help you optimize communication processes within your company? How you can achieve the full business process integration with your CRM, ERP or any other industry application you have in place? Or, how a really interactive website can benefit your business?

Then contact us, to request a free live demo or for any further information you might require.

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