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ixi-UMS 6.60 Enterprise will be officially available on 1st May 2018. This modular unified messaging software is ideal for larger companies or customer projects requiring special requirements, and includes many new features in the upcoming release that we will inform you of today.
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Voice mailbox operation


The web configuration for the voice mailbox and the welcome e-mail for users have been completely redesigned. In addition to a better overview of the personal voice mailbox settings, the content of the welcome mail for new voice mailbox users is now created depending on the access level that has been set.




SMS dispatch via the SMS service provider


As with ixi-UMS Business and ProCall Enterprise, ixi-UMS Enterprise now also offers SMS messaging via the SMS service provider. This is for all customers who want to send cost-effective, quick and comfortable text messages via this route.


Receive UMS messages without using the e-mail server


With ixi-UMS Enterprise, organizations can now decide whether to send UMS messages as well as feedback to the email server. Without an e-mail server, any faxes, voice messages and text messages received are then stored locally in the ixi-UMS server and can be viewed or listened to with any browser via the ixi-UMS web journal. Error messages and information to the administrator will continue to be sent by e-mail to the e-mail server.


Receive faxes as TIF and/or PDF per user


With ixi-UMS Enterprise, it is now possible to set whether the fax should be delivered via TIF and/or PDF for each user. This requires the use of an SMTP connector.


A new design for client tools and add-ins


The ixi-UMS client tools have been completely redesigned and now appear in the usual estos design. The previous add-ins for Word and Outlook have also been adjusted and can now be used without a dropdown menu.


Update notes


For companies with a Software Assurance (SA) contract, the update to ixi-UMS 6.60 Enterprise is free. Without an SA contract, a fee is required for the update. An in-place upgrade to Release 6.60 is possible with ixi-UMS Enterprise Version 6.00 and above.



Do you have questions about ixi-UMS 6.60 Enterprise or sales support materials? We are happy to take care of any of your concerns.


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